Our History: Faith in New York was founded in 2013 out of the work of Queens Congregations United for Action (founded in 2004). Our members came together in the wake of Hurricane Sandy to advocate for citywide policies that would rebuild Sandy-affected areas for residents who were most directly impacted – particular low-income New Yorkers and people of color. In order to move citywide policy on the issues that affect us – not only Hurricane Sandy but interlinked issues like affordable housing and gentrification, good jobs and a just economy, mass incarceration and police brutality, immigration reform, and voting rights, our members realized we needed to be a citywide force of people of faith for equity and justice.  

In March 2013, QCUA’s core clergy leadership voted to transition into a citywide structure that communicates a bold, prophetic vision for change across New York City (including but not limited to Queens) and allow the organization to grow relationships in the other 4 boroughs. Clergy adopted the name “Faith in New York” for this new organization. Faith in New York’s mission is to develop grassroots leaders and equip congregations to move significant public policy change that supports our leaders’ vision of a more just New York with excellent public schools, violence-free neighborhoods, access to good jobs, adequate and affordable health care, decent housing for all, and a place where people of all backgrounds can fully participate in economic and civic life. Faith in New York operates in low income, working class communities that are 70% immigrant and over 85% people of color.

Our Mission: To activate the voices of New Yorkers of faith by building, training, and supporting grassroots congregational-based teams of congregants across the city who identify, advocate, and organize New Yorkers around issues, policies, and elections that affect our communities, neighborhoods, and city.

Our Vision: To build the Beloved City here in New York City by bringing together a multi-faith, multi-issue, multi-neighborhood base of members who ensure that New York City remains a place of sanctuary for all, regardless of race, class, age, or other identity.

Our Theory of Change: We believe that when people of faith come together in teams in our houses of worship to dream, discern, learn, and act together, prophetic change happens.

We believe thPICO Organizing Modelat powerful relationships – with clergy, congregants, and community members and groups – drive our work, and that is through those relationships that we change policy, build power, listen deeply to each other, and bring forth the divine.

Our teams receive training from our staff and then work together to go through the following cycle of listening, researching, acting, and evaluating their campaigns in order to better learn together, understand power, undermine systemic violence and oppression, and create change.