PICO Organizing Model
Faith in New York engages thousands of faith and community members every year through personal conversations, training’s, and research meetings to identify the priorities of the community and engage hundreds in seeking innovative solutions to New York City’s most pressing challenges. Our organizers build and develop congregants to create social justice ministries (or teams, committees, etc.) which then become a part of the life of a congregation and lead the organizing within their house of worship.

The social justice ministry teams that we develop and/or support receive training from our staff organizers and then work together to go through the following cycle of listening, researching, acting, and evaluating their campaigns in order to better learn together, understand power, undermine systemic violence and oppression, and create change.

Our Theory of Change:

We believe that when people of faith come together in teams in our houses of worship
to dream, discern, learn, and act together, prophetic change happens.

We believe that powerful relationships – with clergy, congregants, and community members and groups – drive our work, and that is through those relationships that we change policy, build power, listen deeply to each other, and bring forth the divine.

Our Areas of Work:11850612_1020475667983657_1879811623494386497_o

  • Climate Justice
  • Economic Dignity
  • Hurricane Sandy Recovery
  • Immigrant Justice
  • Live Free
  • Women’s Theology of Liberation