Our MissionDAPA/DACA Rally 2015
Campaign for Immigrant Justice engages immigrant and non-immigrant faith and community leaders in creating a community environment in New York that reduces social, political, and economic (i.e. wages, housing) exclusion based on experiences of migration and promotes a higher quality of life (i.e. representation and access to services) while respecting and celebrating the cultural, economic, educational, and religious contributions from immigrants in our city, state and nation. We are a part of PICO National Network’s
LA RED Campaign.

Our Issues
Immigrant voting power and dignity as a part of healthy democratic society, connecting communities immigrant rights and opportunities, and confronting the ways immigration status is used to divide us.

In June, a community member came to our office terrified to return home for fear of ICE after a public encounter with the police. Within hours a FINY member congregation offered physical sanctuary. Several sanctuary support teams offered a pro-bono immigration lawyer for a speedy consultation, accompaniment support, food, etc. Although our community member decided to decline the offer, this was a powerful test-run of our rapid response.Have you completed a recent assessment of the capacities of your community to respond to a rapid response situation to prevent a deportation?
FINY can support your faith community in finding or creating physical sanctuary or sanctuary solidarity rapid response efforts.
Contact Greg Halzen to discuss next steps for you and your team (718-734-8947 or gregory@faithinnewyork.org)
For those seeking immigration legal consultations, please contact either Frangelin or Greg to connect to the FINY partner organization legal clinic calendar here.
For housing rights issues, please do not hesitate to reach out to FINY housing organizer Maya Bharwaj (maya@faithinnewyork.org).


Our Results
Passing of Municipal ID law (IDNYC) in New York City.
Secured a pledge of $1.2 million in emergency relief funds for undocumented Sandy victims
Successfully reunited Miguel Calle with family after being in immigration detention.Do you know a faith community that would like a know-your-rights and organizing workshop? Please contact FINY immigrant justice organizer Frangelin Pozo (609-977-1062 or frangelin@faithinnewyork.org).

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