Staff Meeting: Facilitator- Maya

February 5, 2018 @ 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm America/New York Timezone
Corona office
103-4 39th ave
Corona Queens NY

Carmen welcome and team intros

Crystal’s corner: 10 mins

LA debrief:

  1. what went well? What was a challenge? Where did we or did we not meet our goals? What have we learned for next time? 
  2. any and all other feedback can be typed into here anonymously:

LA next steps – campaigns

LA next steps – GC

LA next steps (longer-term) – event/action planning overview checklist

  • merging the 2 sheets we have now/improving it:
  • maya and crystal signed up for this during the retreat ( but does anyone else wanna support? can y’all set time to do this together?

Staff PD
1) comms PD this week – update
2) policy PD in March – report-back from Sonya and update from Maya

Staff retreat: agenda planning and prep (work plans etc)

Organizer retreat: agenda outline and prep (point people for diff parts)

FINY Organizational Calendar – 20 mins

Weekly Communications – 5 mins (end of meeting)

Filling out/updating tech/supply inventory sheet: (af) 10 min