We believe that affordable housing, living wages, and dignified neighborhoods are a basic right for all New Yorkers. In a city home to bastions of wealth like Wall Street and the Real Estate industry, we organize people power in response to unprecedented organized money.

We work in coalition with our partners to ensure that our communities have housing is truly affordable for and built by us - that housing measures don't push out our community members.

Worker Rights'
We work to advance legislation that expands employee rights, access to employment, living wages, worker protections, and more. 

Our Results
Paused a rezoning that would have gentrified Downtown Flushing with the Flushing Rezoning Community Alliance and developed alternative community demands
Stopped a 17-story luxury building in Inwood with Northern Manhattan is Not for Sale
Developed a community plan for housing development and jobs in the south Bronx with the Bronx Coalition for a Community Vision
Changed citywide rezoning legislation to include lower-income units in key communities with the Real Affordability for All coalition and ANHD
Passed a $15 minimum wage with the Fight for $15