One part of making real change is ensuring that our voices are heard. That’s why it’s so critical that we vote and hold our elected officials accountable. 

Faith in New York has been working to turn voters out, help people across the city register to vote and apply for absentee ballots, and assist faith leaders in mobilizing their communities.

There are some big elections coming up. On November 3rd, we’ll be voting for our Representatives (and President) in the upcoming General Election. 

In order to vote, you need to register to vote! If you have moved, you will need to re-register. 

  • To register online, click here. (You will need a valid ID from the NY DMV.) The deadline for online registration is October 10th. 
  • If you’re registering by mail, request an application here. Your application must be sent by October 9th and received by October 14th. 
    • To receive an application, you can also call 1-866-VOTE-NYC (1-866-868-3692) or email mailing address to with the name of your borough in the subject line.
  • If you’re registering in person, you must register by October 10th.

In order to vote absentee, you must apply for an absentee ballot:

  • If you’re applying by mail, you must send in your application by October 27th
  • If you’re applying in-person, you must get a an absentee ballot by November 2nd

And in 2021, New Yorkers will be voting on dozens of offices. More than two-thirds of the City Council, the mayor, comptroller, and each of the five borough presidents will all be unable to run for another term. There are already hundreds of candidates vying for our votes. Stay tuned for more information about how to get involved in voter turnout!